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Augustus Invictus, speaker at “UniteTheRight” event.

by Billy Roper

Austin Gillespie, the Florida lawyer who changed his name to  ‘August Invictus’, whom Richard Spencer has invited to be a speaker at the libertarian “UniteTheRight” event August 12th which many race mixers and Civic Nationalists will attend, is an interesting character. When running for Marco Rubio’s U.S. Senate seat as the Libertarian Party candidate the year before last, his biggest campaign issue was pushing for drug legalization.

I feel compelled to remark on him because, in the comments section of the above-referenced article discussing his admittedly bizarre resignation letter, the question is asked as to whether Mr, err, Invictus knows or is associated with me. I wish to confirm that he is not. Nor do I share with Mr. Invictus his apparent support for drug legalization. In terms of character, I also do not support those who commit rape or domestic abuse, as this recent police report alleges Invictus practices.

Mr. Invictus outed his alleged victim as his former fiance, Victoria Rice.

Augustus Invictus also claims to have indulged in animal sacrifice: violently dismembering a goat to a pagan god and drinking the goat’s blood.

Here, he discusses his paganism, which he describes as central to his life, polyamory, and support for illegal drugs.

Open homosexual Jack Donovan, whom Richard Spencer invited to be a speaker at his convention the year before last, banning those who disagreed with open homosexuality, features a picture of himself “hanging out” with August Invictus HERE. From the looks of things, Augustus disrobed for Donovan, and really took a pounding from behind. Well, of ink, at least. Who knows, with this guy?

Interestingly Augustus Invictus brags on social media that his children are half hispanic, and he only dates bisexual girls. Last year on his facebook page he used the fact that his brother is a homosexual and he is a pagan who worships “the goddess” to display that he is not homophobic or misogynistic.Boy, Richard sure can pick’em, can’t he?

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