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Auction 1 for Jacob Goodwin Legal Defense Fund

The first item up for auction to raise funds for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense is this high quality reproduction HJ Hitler Youth knife, pictured, generously donated to the fundraiser by one of Jacob’s best friends and a fellow ShieldWall Network member. The blade reads “Blood and Honor” in German, and the handle bears the distinctive Hitler Youth swastika emblem. This is a great collector’s piece!

The Hitler Youth Knife may be the most famous knife of World War II. From the time of the formation of the Hitler Youth to the end of the war, the Hitler Youth wore knives of this style as a part of their uniform. With minor differences being made during this production era, the most significant being the engraving of the Hitler Youth motto on the blade starting in early 1937.

With the importance of this knife being established long ago, there has been a demand for originals for decades. This has caused the price of original Hitler Jugend knives to skyrocket.

  • Authentic Reproduction Hitler Youth Knife
  • Enamel Type Swastika
  • Engraved “Blunt und Ehre!” (Blood and Honor)
  • Includes Scabbard

Bidding for this item will begin at $20. Please place your bids in the comments section, and see how much we can raise for Jacob!

Reminder: You can make donations directly to Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund online, HERE.

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