Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist at California State University, Fresno, brings a fifth-generation Californian’s perspective on the state’s slide into Third-World “Mexifornia.” He grew up in Selma in the San Joaquin Valley where he still runs a family farm, and has witnessed the steady dispossession of “Anglos” (though Prof. Hanson is of … Continue reading“Mexifornia Today, Meximerica Tomorrow?”

Hanson does not get to be on the MSM other than a couple of the programs on Fox. The others cannot tolerate the evidence he is able to cite from his “front line” exposure. You should read his full-length rendition that was published on the National Review website I think in 2011, a semi-sanitized edit was in the Manhattan Institute site a bit later.

One thing hardly anyone admits about Mexicanization is it brings increased teen pregnancy. This map shows it to some degree

but I don’t know how they keep the San Joaquin valley in California out of the red zones, it’s out of control there–coincident with the explosion of gangs–in these local cultures the emerging norm is teen/young adult female state-dependent households, who refuse to identify the father if they know, so the local law (if it might care) cannot pursue the rooster-boy for child support. You can visit locales in this region where they build new public housing which is immediately filled up with these cases, literally financing their own destruction.

California’s fate was sealed when the Bush 41 administration and then the Clintons after did not enforce the 1986 amnesty bill that was supposed to stop illegal immigration. It actually spawned a SURGE in illegal immigration, it’s no accident the highest birth year ever in California was 1990.

There is One Big Catch in the left wing’s drive for takeover. the completely unsustainable trends in government spending in particular the unfunded liabilities for medical and retirement of public employees that are going to turn all the big blue whales into Puerto Rico, probably eventually Venezuela. The US could eventually break up in a “de facto” implosion. Ironically if stock market returns did in fact decline like the Democrats seem to want, it would hasten the end of their game. But most of them are so short-term in their thinking they won’t realize they are sinking until it’s too late. Illinois looks to be there now.

From “Conservative Headlines” in response to “American Freedom Party”. 

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