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Andrew Dodson, R.I.P.

(pictured: Jacob Rosenberg, the Jew who doxxed Andrew Dodson)

by Billy Roper

Sadly, the young man with whom I was misidentified last year has passed away, a victim of anti-White harassment and relentless stalking. The torment began for Andrew Dodson shortly after the August 12th, 2017 ‘Unite The Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He was first thought to have been a University of Arkansas professor bearing a similar facial likeness because Andrew had worn a red UA  ‘Arkansas Engineering’ t-shirt to the tiki-torch lit rally the night before. Then, because he was an exceptionally handsome man with a strong resemblance to me, I was named as the person in the picture. In order to draw the focus of our enemies away from the person whom they were attempting to doxx, I played with them, alternately denying then confirming that it was me, even though the person photographed has no tattoos and I am fully sleeved, and for months ahead of the event I had been publicly and vocally opposed to the Charlottesville rally.

Hundreds of anti-White activists began reporting all of my social media outlets, trying to have me censored and silenced. One washed up and compromised former reporter began calling people in my community and our town’s government to try to create drama for myself and my family. To some extent, they were successful, but it was worth it, I felt, to shield the (at that time) unknown activist. It did buy him some time. The enemies of White people continued digging, though.

Jacob Rosenberg, the Jew who doxxed Andrew M. Dodson, is typical of his kind. Rosenberg then worked for the Arkansas Times fish wrap, headed up by morbidly obese, uneducated leftist Max Brantley. Fans can e-mail Jacob here: Here is his bio. You can follow him on Twitter @jrrosenb . He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Here is his Linked In profile.  

Jacob Roland Rosenberg is listed at 703 N Columbia St #a Chapel Hill, NC and is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

We honor Andrew Dodson for taking his stand, and we mourn that he has fallen. There will be a collective reckoning, and his life will not have been in vain. Rest In Peace, brother.

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  1. Steve Smithers

    The very sad and very tragic death of Drew Dodson adds emphasis to the need for secrecy by those in our movement who are not in position to associate their real names with their expressed viewpoints. In the information age, information itself is weaponized. I don’t view Drew’s death as a suicide. It was an evil anti-White society that stole his life.

  2. Steve Smithers

    This is both very sad and very tragic.

    Andrew’s death shouldn’t be viewed as a suicide. His life was stolen from him by a degenerate, dysfunctional, evil society that’s under the control of jews.

    This tragic loss of a brilliant young White engineer emphasizes the need for Whites to be aware of the perils and keep their identities secret unless they are willing and able to withstand being blacklisted from all employment for life and face surprise attacks of physical violence and property damage.

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