Dr. Tom Sunic’s translation of an Alain de Benoist  essay from French into English.

It’s the beauty of an intricate dance, watching the graceful manner in which true scholars and genuine intellects can maneuver their language deftly around and in between the politically correct and often legal censorship constricting their language like a handicap in ‘Harrison Bergeron’. Read how Tom does it from one language to another, neither of which are his native tongue, and still strikes with rapier precision. Ironically, the rhetoric of racialists in Europe talking to one another has to soar above the heads of censors, like two adults using code words their toddler doesn’t understand to have a grown-up conversation. Imagine what they could say without those handicaps, someday. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

From Telos Press Publishing – A respected US academic journal, left-leaning, but covering topics/authors other msm academic journals refuse to tackle. De Benoist– always a good read.


As a reference, several years back Brett Stevens of Amerika.org did a thorough job examining and explaining De Benoist’s views on democracy itself, here.

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