We know that it seems like these days everybody has their hand out, begging for shekels. Some of them want you to pay to listen to them talk. Others want you to pay to be able to post online. What WE are doing is creating and extending real life networks of White Nationalist patriots and preppers who learn to know and trust one another as friends and work together for our people now and in preparation for when what is coming gets here. We are travelling from one state to another helping teach our people how to set up these local networks and do local activism to recruit and organize for themselves. We are establishing regional cells and teaching them how to become persons of influence in their communities. They are sharing skills and resources now to be ready for the future, together. If that’s true movement and true activism worth more to you than paying through a paywall to hear e-celebs laugh at their own jokes, or drone on about the same thing you already know endlessly, we would love your partnership in The ShieldWall Network. We don’t charge membership dues. Our in real life meetings are all free, and so are our podcasts, websites, and social media groups. If you want to help us buy more patches so the SWN Phalanx can increase our number of boots on the ground in public against Antifa, or flags or business cards and other literature, or most importantly if you can donate to our travel fund so we can continue to expand the growing network of IRL White Nationalist preppers meeting one another and making friends and organizing, we would be grateful for your friendship in that. You can do that by sending concealed cash, check, or money order made out to Billy Roper to PO Box 1937, Mountain View, AR 72560.

Or, if you use bitcoin, 3E7cK4P6tiDwXxsw91PjJt3Fwo8ArLt1wv

To find out more about how you can stand in the ShieldWall, e-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com or visit AryanWarrior.com.
Don’t PayWall, ShieldWall!
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