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Class War or Race War?

In an upcoming episode of The Roper Report, Billy Roper and his guest, ShieldWall Network Western Arkansas Regional Coordinator Julian, discuss National Socialism and compare/contrast it with Strasserism, NazBol, and Third Positionism. That podcast will be released the weekend of December 8th, and will help inform listeners on the importance of understanding that ours is an existential racial struggle, not an ideological economic cause.

Leftists, ignoring the most natural, basic, and instinctive loyalties of Identity politics which they fear the most  because that elemental force threatens them most directly, keep hoping that the coming civil war will be a class struggle just like their Marxist professors promised. Sorry, kids.

“How a Real Class War, Like with Guns, Could Actually Happen

Democrats seem increasingly comfortable with “incivility,” while Republicans are more shameless than ever about helping the rich. Where is this going?

Anarchist, Marxist, Gramscian, Communist, Leninist, Trotskyite, Maoist, worker were quickly becoming obsolete labels or, worse, a mark of brutality. The exploitation of man by man and the logic of maximum profit, which before had been considered an abomination, had returned to become the linchpins of freedom and democracy everywhere.”
—from The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante

Most Americans, even the ones who work every day to earn crappy wages, don’t consider themselves locked in an eternal struggle against the one percent. But times change. In Italy during the mid-20th century, class warfare was a fact of life. It was normal—expected, even—for average Joe Six Packs to be communists, and for there to be clashes between fascists and what we now like to call “Antifa.” Only much later, as the Cold War came to a close and the neoliberal world order set in, did capitalism come to be more universally regarded as the fundamental building block for a modern democratic society. Still, vast changes in societal attitudes about wealth and work can happen quickly: In America, robust communist flirtations among the working class in the 1930s and 40s gave way fairly quickly to the Red Scare of Joe McCarthy—and that was just the more famous of two major national freak-outs over communism.

So class dynamics can shift wildly in a relatively modest amount of time. Does that mean there will be a tectonic shift in the United States soon? Is some sort of violent American class war around the corner?…”

Then they whimper out loud in print this…

“But further down the line, if the capitalist class continued to be overwhelmingly white, a working class uprising several decades from now—when, as we’ve established, the working class will be predominantly Americans of color—might look an awful lot like a race war.”

Read more HERE, and keep in mind that the same libtards who this time last year were saying that we’re  not going to have a civil war are now retreating to the position that it won’t go racial. 

Yeah, good luck with that. While the Spanish leftist quoted in the article may have said that they wanted a Republic without a class war, but for that to happen one of the classes had to disappear, and Hillary said that you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, we say that multiracial democracy cannot fly, what cannot fly must fall, and what is falling we should still push, and say, “fall faster”. We are the Balk Right. Uncuck yourselves. It’s coming. Hasten the day. 

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  1. Fr. John+

    “Anti Semitism is treated as though it were synonymous with genocide. It is not. No one is advocating or condoning genocide. Anti-Semitism is the product of a pernicious political and social agenda.”

    Well. I guess that’s it, then….

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