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Ben Shapiro: Jewish Hero, Dialectic Tool

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By Kemperor

Ever since Ben Shapiro wrote a book about college in high school, his career has been on an upward trajectory. He’s a clever mensch. In fact, he’s so smart and clever that he talks really fast. If you can’t understand him, hey, that’s your fault, goy. You shouldn’t have played those video games or sports growing up. It’s a Ga-Damned fact, gentile. If it wasn’t, Ben’s radio program wouldn’t be encroaching into new markets.



Ben is a living Jewish dynamo. He wears a kippa, and I’m told the kids love him. As an Orthodox, Ben’s rabbi probably sniffs Ben’s wife’s panties. In fact, unlike gentiles, particularly White Gentile types who practice White Identity Politics, Ben speaks at colleges and is is in demand. Shapiro speaks American – real American – shithead college Conservative American. That’s somewhat ironic.

College Conservative Clubs welcome him. They don’t welcome him because he’s Jewish. In all likelihood, some of the drooling normalfags in our White Rave are so deracinated that they don’t know or understand Shapiro is Jewish and Shapiro, as famous as the name is, is Jewish.

The “Conservative” normalfag knows one thing though, that those lefties who don’t get nothing – “The New NY Slimes” – gave it up for “Battling Benny”.

The Times said that Shapiro:

has been called the voice of the conservative millennial movement

and that,

Mr. Shapiro, 33, a graduate of Harvard Law School, is the cool kid’s philosopher, dissecting arguments with a lawyer’s skill and references to Aristotle.

What the White, pretty-much-a-nigger normie or Conservative youngster also might not know is that the NY Times is Jewish.

The seasoned and wiser, those who have been into politics, realpolitik for 5, 10, 20 years and who are honest, understand that there is something called dialectics. The aforementioned understand while mainstream politicians and political types hold the power that mainstream politics are contrived, like Hebrew National Hot Dogs, by a “higher power.” As such, Shapiro is a Jew. Shapiro has evidenced again and again he holds one standard and strategy for the Jew and different ones for the American. Acting as a Jew and endorsing Jewish Identity Politics, Shapiro confirms his de facto loyalty to the Jews. Shapiro, therefore, acts for the Jews. Why does he teach Gentiles?

Jew Shapiro, endorsed by the de facto Jewish NY Times, is moving against “Liberal Universities” as being anti-Semitic. Why? Most of them, too, are Jewish, at least in spirit.

According to Think Progress, Shapiro, orating a college speech in Pittsburgh, stated that in terms of the Anti-semitic threat

“to Jews worldwide, and to Jews more deeply over time, the clear answer to which of these types of anti-Semitism is most threatening is not the white supremacist threat. The real answer is institutionalized left-wing anti-Semitism, which works in combination with radical Islamic anti-Semitism at a high level.”

First of all, it seems Shapiro gave no real basis for this Academia-Islamo-Fascist threat. Secondly, the kikes exercise extreme control over academia. They are fueling it to destroy us Whites first. Third, every time we have been hit with a lot of these of anti-Muslim fantasies because of Jewish interests, a lot of Gentile money is spent and a lot of non-Jews die for contrived bullshit that furthers Jewish interests. Leftist academia allying with Islam is just about as preposterous as self-respecting White people allying with Islam.

Regardless of what Shapiro says, White America, whether Leftist, Conservative or Other is under the most grave of threats because of Jewish Dialectics. If Ben is truly worried about the long run, the threat will come to pass once he and his co-ethnics truly take the legs out from under Whites. He can take his family and head to Israel, though.

Ben is a cog in a very stratified and structured game of Dialectics. The game with all the facts considered and weighed out is irrefutably in the interest of his Tribe. Nigger Normie Fags need to be educated. Ben’s Tribe currently holds so much power, most people couldn’t and wouldn’t see it, let alone believe it.

Was his big statement fan service, or a swipe at the “Alt Right,” or a restating of “Jewish victimhood,” or setting up a bunch of unfortunate assholes to go to war, or all of the above? Probably all of the above. This author says all of the above and that the de facto Alt Right needs to step things up.

In closing, according to the Protocols, Ben Shapiro is the wise hero leader. He is above reproach. Ben is the Judge Judy of “Conservative” Politics. This all begs the question: who made the Shapiro rockstar vids on YouTube?

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