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National Right Helps Lone Wolf Radio Overcome UK Censors

With the ongoing civil unrest in France by the yellow vests, protests in the Ukraine, and contradictory news coming out of other hot spots in Europe, The Roper Report wants to share some current information from the fatherlands with our readers. 

The Vice article which discussed Norman Spear’s interview on The Roper Report podcast and is referenced and linked to below, had repercussions felt all the way across the Atlantic, with Lone Wolf Radio being deplatformed from their website and ability to  broadcast. Thanks to Tom Kawczynski, they still have a voice…

I recently did a special interview with Chris White of Lone Wolf Radio over in the U.K. where he asked me forty questions about my latest book The Coming Civil War.  What follows is a wide ranging discussion that, counting musical breaks, runs to fourteen hours.

As an English citizen, Chris has been restricted due to new guidelines at his hosting entity from posting this interview, so in the spirit of mutual solidarity and in support of our God given right to free speech which we still have here in America, for now, I’m happily hosting this extensive interview here as a courtesy until such time as Chris can secure new hosting willing to work.

Specifically, the following Vice article written with innuendo and falsehoods about an interview Chris did with Norman Spear led to the ban of his website and his ability to broadcast.  Please note that Chris is in no way affiliated with Norman or his group, but was blocked anyway for just having the man on as a guest.

What I did not realize is how bad things have gotten in Europe, including in many cases in those areas in the East we Americans believe are less troubled.  Through this conversation, you’ll learn as I did just what problems have prompted countries like Poland and Hungary to take such aggressive action, just how badly the English citizen is now treated by the British Government, and about the challenges we face here and there in fighting a corrupt and wicked establishment.

You’ll also learn way more about my own beliefs of what might be coming if we don’t secure a happier outcome quickly.  This is not a happy conversation, but a serious one which demonstrates the rising right in each nation is part of a global movement toward human liberation and in support of the only diversity which has ever mattered, that of minds and culture, where we assert our right to enjoy our distinctive and distinct nations.

Please note that this is a special episode being hosted by the National Right to thwart international censorship, but the views expressed herein do not reflect the institutional views of this organization, but rather the personal views of the host and interviewee.

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