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A True Expose, ‘The Jewish Mafia’

by Paul Jones

It’s not easy to comment on a book so full of information about historical and modern-day manipulation and control of finance, society and government by the Jews as is with the case of this wide-ranging book by Herve Ryssen, “The Jewish Mafia, The Great International Predators.”

Translated from the French by Carlos Whitlock Porter and published in 2018 by The Barnes Review, it’s a book that definitely can’t be read at one sitting, but all the information and insights need to be “digested” over at least several days, if not longer. The three parts, “From Yiddish to Brooklyn,” “Business Without Borders,” and “Swindlers and Traffickers” cover a full range of Jewish activities and these are very well documented.

One of the things which stood out for me is how much criminal activity Jewish individuals and organizations have been involved in, particularly in New York City, from the late 1800’s to the present. By the early 1900’s the city was effectively controlled by Jewish gangsters and Mafiosi, and from there the tentacles spread across the entire land.

I believe many have a fairly clear idea of how Jewish political and cultural control has operated in the United States and all over the world, but this book, while dealing some with such control and how it relates with organized crime, puts the emphasis on the individuals and organizations involved with this.

What stood out for me the most, and was the most depressing part to read, was the chapter that deals with the White Slave Trade. According to Jacques Sole, “Ever since the appearance in the West in the 1830’s, the term ‘white slave trade’ has always been associated with a traffic which is Jewish by its very nature.” (p. 222)

The description of how many Eastern European women were lured to Israel and then forced into prostitution goes into several individual cases, and the details of these women’s suffering and degradation are almost too sickening to absorb. With few exceptions the Israeli authorities looked the other way, clearly because these were just Goyim who were trapped in the net. One paragraph states, “The women interrogated had all been sold for between 5 and 10 thousand dollars. They worked without interruption, never had a day off, even during their menstrual periods. One third of them had been the victims of violence on a daily basis.” (p. 198)

“Of course, Israel was not the only destination of these young Eastern European women. The Jewish Mafia in Russia has contacts with the Jewish Mafia all over the world. According to the Ukranian Ministry of the Interior, 400,000 young Ukranian women below the age of 30 left the country during the 1990’s. No doubt they did not all fall victim to international prostitution networks, but the International Migrations Organization estimated that 500,000 young women from the former Eastern bloc had fallen into the network all over the world.” (p. 200)

This is a “no holds barred” expose and is well worth the read since it gives an in-depth idea of how far ranging and penetrating this illicit Jewish power structure is and the nature of its involvement in criminal activities, not only in the United States but all over the West as well.


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