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The Division of the Waters

by Paul Jones

There is a clear “division of the waters” between the years up to 2016 and politics since then. Put simply, Donald Trump is not one of the Establishment. He does have some support from Right Wing Jews, especially those in the Likud Party in Israel, but I’d say that only about 75% of American Jews, and possibly as high as 90% of the highly educated ones, are against him. This is despite his son in law, Jared Kushner, being an Orthodox Jew himself, or the fact that Trump has surrounded himself with many “high roller” Jews ever since his wheeling and dealing days as a real estate developer in New York City.

One of the orators who gave a eulogy to President George H.W. Bush at his funeral on Dec. 3rd said that the divisions between Democrats and Republicans were “lines in the sand.” This is certainly no longer the case since 2016, because the divisions between Red states and Blue states are getting more intense and extensive with each passing day. In reality, it goes much deeper than that, since it involves whites who are waking up to their rapid demographic demise and who then see this as the “gut issue” of our times, as opposed to the conservative Civic Nationalists as well as more liberal whites who remain brainwashed by the Jewish Power Structure so as to think that race is merely an unimportant trait or even a social construct, and that it is a matter of little or no importance that whites in the United States, and all over the West for that matter, are soon to be only a shrinking racial minority in this forthcoming multi-racial and multi-cultural future that awaits them.

Whether enough whites wake up to the dangers ahead for our race, and how soon they wake up, will determine whether or not the European races of mankind will continue to exist in what used to be heavily majority white countries only a few decades ago. It appears that the main key to this taking place is for enough of them to start to perceive the reality of how the very aware Jews as a whole, taken to be “fellow whites” for political purposes, are pushing racial amalgamation and non-white immigration since they believe that this will be beneficial for their long-term survival-but it definitely won’t be good for ours.

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