A Simple Post, Complex Results

This social media feedback was e-mailed to us by a reader of The Roper Report who also follows @BillyRoper on Gab.

by Michael James
On December 4th of 2018, you wrote on your Gab account the following statement, “Savitri Devi was a race mixing bisexual AfroCentrist”. It didn’t get many comments or likes, but for me, it was like an emergency brake being pulled at 110 mph on my beliefs. First, no one has ever critiqued Ms. Devi like that before. We’ve been instructed that she’s to be honored, revered, hell, there are websites devoted to her and her writings. So this take was original and demanded to be investigated. My fingers danced across the keyboard typing in request after request for information on Hitler’s Priestess. I discovered the writings of Koenraad Elst and Greg Johnson, and they agreed she was a godsend to National Socialism. Mr. Johnson went so far as to say, “She was one of the most extraordinary personalities of the 20th century“. High praise for the High Priestess. A-ha!, I thought. My world returning back to normal.
But as if a lightning strike had ripped me half, I suddenly sat in my desk chair like a cheap fortune cookie split in two. Because on one hand, I had your Gab post rattling in my head and on the other, I had these experts on my computer screen making me feel validated. And you don’t know me, I’m just some guy, but I know you and your reputation. Both stellar within the pro-White community. So I dove back in the cool, deep waters of the internet, determined to prove the mighty Billy Roper wrong. 
The thing is, I couldn’t. Savitri’s marriage was a farce and disgrace by any true believer’s standards. Then there was her undeniable love for the Hindus and Indians that she proudly kept company with. Heartbroken and slightly pissed, the silver lining was finally found. I realized this is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place. Every White man striving to be the Alpha Male, not ever following, or yielding to better leadership, or even willing to let someone have a moment, just a moment of the spotlight. It’s jealousy, envy, and pettiness that takes down every leader we’ve ever had or will have. We just can’t seem to help ourselves.
Its funny now, how a small post could have a such a big impact. I hope more and more White men do research on what they hear and are told. But, we all must come to the same conclusion, we must admit when someone else is right and then man-up and say it publicly. So Mr. Roper, this is me, a Texas man with BBQ stains on his shirt, some mud on his boots, a Swastika for a heart, saying I was wrong and you were right. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading. More importantly, keep leading and I’ll keep following. 
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