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Lacking a Political Compass

by Paul Jones

I realize that for many on the Balk Right it is indifferent as to whether or not Trump survives or not all the political storms that are sure to come his way in this new year of 2019. In fact, many would have preferred a Clinton victory in 2016 so as to make matters so bad for those of European descent in the U.S. that finally a reaction would set in. If one reads the Northwest novels by Harold Covington, his setting is a United States of the future where Chelsea Clinton is President but her mother, Hillary, is pulling the political strings from behind the scenes. From the extreme, anti-white policies comes a racial rebellion in the Pacific Northwest.

Be that as it may, I am one of those who think that for the moment it is better to “buy time” with a Trump presidency which at least is appointing Federal Justices who are somewhat on the Right in their political thinking, and with the southern border not becoming completely porous as would have been the case if Hillary Clinton had won. While realizing that we will never “vote ourselves out of this,” as I’m sure all on the Balk Right believe, I see Trump as a positive factor who should be reelected in 2020.

The Left is “drooling at the mouth” with hopes of an impeachment of Trump, and they recall fondly how a hatchet job was done on Nixon back in the early 1970’s that resulted in his resignation. However, back then all information from television came from ABC, CBS, or NBC, and the anti-Nixon attacks were carefully orchestrated and controlled for all U.S. citizens, whether they were Democrats or Republicans. With Fox News and so many Republicans seeing other news sources as “fake news,” along with a slim Republican majority in the Senate, I doubt very much that the Democrats will get their New Year’s wish.

So eliminating the impeachment option, it’s really hard to figure out where matters are going as far as Politics and Economics in this new year of 2019. It’s as if all is like navigation in a dense fog without a compass.

I’m just thankful that Trump was able to maintain his majority of Republicans in the U.S. Senate, so that now he has 53-47 advantage over the Democrats. Admittedly there is a new “Flake” with Mitt Romney, as shown by his lambasting Trump in a recent Op-Ed in “The Washington Post,” an article that could well have been written by a Democrat. He definitely still has his “head up where the sun doesn’t shine,” to put it mildly.

All appears to be shaping up as a stalemate for the year of 2019, as if it’s like the situation on the Western Front in W.W.I in 1916, when there was only the “back and forth” of futile assaults into “No Man’s Land” by both sides, but neither was able to take significant territory. In other words, in this new political year there is going to be a lot of “sound and fury” from both the Democratic and Republican sides, but until 2020 arrives, and the Presidential Primary season starts heating up early, there won’t be much change in the political situation for either side.

I still think the Democrats are totally messed up as a Party, with “old white males and females” like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren tied in with a lot of black and Hispanic Representatives and Senators with their own identity politics agenda. They see such whites as merely useful for the moment as “stage props” to fool enough “enlightened” whites to vote for their racial agenda.

However, these extreme positions of the non-white elements in the Democratic Party will continue to raise the racial consciousness of European-Americans over the course of 2019. Those like Mitt Romney or John Kasich in the Republican Party, with their virtue signaling on how deracinated and anti-racist they are, are going to feel more and more isolated from the mainstream thinking of the awakening whites in the Party.

Such is my political prediction for 2019. In short, there is a “gathering racial storm,” but barring an economic collapse the “main event” will not occur until 2020.

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