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Them’s fighting words.

The verbal stage of the coming civil war has begun.

” Why now? Well, it’s at least an interesting coincidence that the political system is spinning out of control at a time when the government’s official debt has doubled in two consecutive administrations and is now accelerating from there. And at a time when interest rates have been cut to levels that make it impossible for small savers to generate much of anything on their savings. And at a time when “jobs growth” has come to mean people taking on second and third minimum wage part-time “gigs” — and still not being able to support their families. “

Internet echo chambers reinforce entrenched positions and pull contending sides to the extremes of right and left through the radical flank effect, with both ends tearing against the middle. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

Are you just going to stand there and yip, little dog, or are you going to bite?

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