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Review and Deconstruction of a Christian Zionist book from a non-Christian Identity but racially conscious Christian perspective.

by Paul Jones

It’s not easy to try and write a review of this book written in 2018 by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson because it contains an abundance of Biblical prophecy from a Christian Zionist point of view, with most of the “heavy hitters” of that theological mind set mentioned, such as Hal Lindsey and his book, “The Late Great Planet Earth” and Tim LaHaye with his “Left Behind” series. “Trumpocalypse” follows a previous book in a similar vein, “The Babylonian Code.”

First of all, if one begins with the wrong premise, then whatever hypotheses and subsequent conclusions drawn will be necessarily erroneous. The main premise of Christian Zionism is that the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948, under mostly Jews of Khazarian origin, Leftist and not believing in God, was part of God’s plan. Those Arabs who had occupied the area of Palestine for thousands of years and were driven out by these Zionists, some of whom were Christians, were seen in the same light as the ancient Philistines who had occupied the area promised by God to the Israelites under Kings like David and Solomon.

In order to maintain this world view, the theology has to ignore or downplay the clear message of Jesus Christ that the New Testament believers in Him became the new “Israel” once most of the Jews who made up the group of that time had rejected his message and person. These new believers in Christ, be they Jewish or non-Jewish, became the “apples of God’s eye” and the Jews who failed to believe in Christ as the son of God were no longer part of this new “Israel.”

But in this book, this simple and clear message is dismissed on p. 262: “This means the fact that the displaced Jews returned to the land of Israel in a state of spiritual unbelief, idolatry, and immorality is proof that it is the faithfulness of God, and not the performance of men and women, that guarantees the Jews’ divine right to possess the land. ..This should silence critics.”

One of the persons who best expresses the point I am trying to make is Gerald L.K. Smith in his book, “Besieged Patriot.” In a chapter titled “God’s Chosen People” he writes the following:

“God called Abraham aside and assured him that ‘in thee and thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.’ Out of this seed came the Old Testament family of Israel, the true Israel. They perpetuated themselves through divine guidance and anticipated the arrival of the Messiah.

The formation of the family of Israel had only one purpose: to give mankind the Savior of the world. In God’s covenant with the seed of Abraham, He said: ‘Him that blesseth thee, I will bless. Him that curseth thee, I will curse.’

People write to me and talk to me who have been misled by the fallacious logic of the modern Jew who justifies the crucifixion of Christ and curses Him as a fake Messiah. They would have me believe that the modern Jew is the seed of Abraham, and if anyone dares to criticize him or challenge his authority of his doctrine, he shall be cursed; and if one flatters the modern Christ-hating Jew and praises and cooperates with him, he will be blessed. What a twisted, fallacious, erroneous interpretation of the Holy Scripture.

Smith later states that after Saul became Paul after his conversion on the road to Damascus and became the Apostle to the Gentiles, he assured that once they became believers in Christ that ‘ ‘they, too, were to be the seed of Abraham ‘circumcised by faith.’’’

Smith states that this division is the following: “Those who claim to be Jews and were not, as mentioned in Revelations 2:9: ‘I know thy works in tribulation and poverty, but thou art rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan.’”

“To establish a state on this earth and call it the State of Israel is to glorify a counterfeit, and for theologians and Christian leaders to identify this counterfeit State of Israel, set up by the enemies and crucifiers of Christ as the natural fruit of God’s covenant with Abraham blasphemes the very name of Jesus Christ.”

So by seeing the Zionist movement, begun by Theodore Herzl, as somehow of divine destiny, culminating in the establishment of the new nation of Israel filled with Jews who have not accepted Christ as their savior as Paul had done, the modern-day Christian Zionists have to play “second fiddle” to this nation along with the Jews living there and must believe that somehow Biblical prophecy now centers around these persons who have never accepted Christ as their savior.

I have to admit that despite “blinders” being put on the authors due to this Christian Zionist position that it is quite an interesting read, though it often has bizarre observations and quotes. Its main investigation is whether Trump will lead the U.S. and free world through Biblical end times prophecy or will it result in W.W. III and nuclear Armageddon?

Tying in with the Balk Right, it mentions that one of the possibilities for the U.S. is “A civil war in America beginning with riots, demonstrations, and violent confrontations between police and demonstrators and escalating into race wars and warfare between liberal and conservative parts of the nation, along with warfare between population centers composed of different ethnic and racial groups.”(p. 13)

It sees that up until the election of Trump, evangelical Christians had been targets of religious harassment and discrimination by the media, Hollywood, government and the public education system. While realizing that Trump is not exactly a prime example of Christian morality, it is noted that God in the past has used leaders with personal faults and failings, such as Kings David and Solomon, to play a role in fulfilling Biblical prophecy.

Since the authors cannot criticize those whom they see as “the apple of God’s eye,” the modern-day Jews, evil is seen as coming from the shadowy Illuminati conspiracy. In fact, it sees its origins in the Catholic Church:  it states “The Illuminati began as a secret society under the direction of Jesuit priests,” wrote American businessman Robert Kiyosaki, who coauthored with Trump, “Why We Want You to Be Rich.” (p. 103) As part of this plan, “The wealthy elites and secret societies were planning a global coup to launch a world state, cashless society, and New Age-Illuminati-based religion.” (p. 95)

Rather than go into any more detail about information given on Skull and Bones society, the Bilderbergers , World Federalists and others, I will leave it up to anyone who wants such information in the book to do this for themselves. The main point is that having determined to not “bell the cat” and state the obvious historical fact, that the Jewish power structure is behind so many of the cultural and social changes that have taken place, the authors go out of the way to avoid this. Even when they mention the Frankfurt School founded in Germany in 1923, it states the following: “Curiously, Frankfurt was the headquarters of  Illuminatinized Freemasonry and the birthplace of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the famed banking dynasty that researchers claim financed the Bavarian Illuminati and later funded ‘robber barons like Rockefeller and Morgan,’ and British businessman Cecil Rhodes, ‘who founded the Round Table groups, a precursor of the Council on Foreign Relations and its offshoot, The Trilateral Commission.’” (p. 124)

When it deals with the Russian Revolution it does not speak to the heavily Jewish presence there but states, “The goals of Russian communists and Karl Marx were largely the same goals of the Illuminati and continental Freemasonry.”…”They were almost identical to the major platform goals of Hitler’s National Socialists, indicating they all stemmed form a common source.” (p. 167)

Since the authors of the book are clear to make the point that they think “there is only one race, the human race,” they state “Remember the elite are completely convinced of the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution in which certain races and genetic lines are vastly superior to others.” (p. 168)

Their points about National Socialism are truly bizarre: “With the help of secret occult societies, Hitler-whom some researchers claim was an Illuminati operative with a ‘Jewish background linked to the Rothschilds’- gained power, created the world’s first ‘DNA dictatorship’ and began the mass extermination of six million Jews and others he considered inferior genetically.” (p. 169)  

According to an author they quote, Jim Marrs, the creation of the Common Market and European Union means that “The 1942 Nazi vision of a unified Europe had become a reality.” 

The main thesis of the book comes towards the end: “When Israel was officially re-formed as a nation in 1948, that was God’s prophetic ‘super sign’ that the last of the last days had begun.” (p. 258) From then on there is further discussion as to how the construction of the second temple will initiate the return of Christ and whether or not it has to be on the Temple Mount or in an area of Jerusalem once controlled under King David’s reign. The authors also claim that “A president who truly supports Israel opens America up to receive the enormous blessings of God. Genesis 12:3 says, “I will bless them who bless you and curse him who curses you, and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

For a Christian who does not subscribe to the book’s theology, it all seems like the arguments in the universities of the Middle Ages over “how many angels can dance on the end of a pin.” Unfortunately, the Christian Zionism which is so prevalent in the Evangelical Christian churches in these times means that to take a position contrary, either as a Christian Identity believer or one with another different theological position. is to need to rely on the saying, “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone.” But the Bible has often shown that. as in the cases of Daniel and Elijah, being alone for the truth before the almighty God and his Son, Jesus Christ, is consolation enough.

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