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12 to 12 Part 4-3

Blacks are in charge of the government, and have been for at least 20 years now. That’s a fact. They are pushing the whites out. That’s been another fact since 1999- just look at the political and military leadership of South Africa when Nelson Mandela was in power and how it looked soon after Thabo Mbeki appointed his cabinet to see I’m right in saying the whites are being pushed out. Any chance they get, the blacks undermine, slander and basically do everything possible to destroy the political and social leadership of the whites- yet one more fact. The blacks are also lying about what they’re doing, and have been lying for a long time. This too is a fact. How do they do it? The ANC and the government only collect the statistics they want, which on the surface support their decisions and actions. To that end, they don’t collect the statistics which anecdotal evidence tells us that black people are the biggest contributors to crime, that the vast majority of the rapes, thefts, robberies and often barbaric murders of white people are largely done by black males. I mean, how many Cash-In-Transit heists have you ever heard of that were perpetrated by whites? How many times have you seen, heard or read about South African white serial rapists and murderers attacking black women? How many black farmers were killed in a medieval savage fashion by white gangs? How many black drivers have been carjacked by whites? How many whites have burgled black people’s houses? And yet, the White man is the problem in this country. He is the evil “colonialist”, “settler”, “imperialist”. He is the troublemaker, liar and racist when he speaks up for himself or others, when he refuses to have his rights, freedoms and dignity trampled upon, when he insists on having a culture and language to call his own. He is the “monster” if after the umpteenth attack on a family member or friend which the cops don’t solve let alone prevent, decides to take a .303 rifle and give a piece of his mind to the occupants of a squatter camp next door, from which the attackers came in the first place.

When a man did that, his name didn’t matter. He was called “the Skierlik monster”, and what follows below are three examples of how he was written about, two in the South African media and one from a British newspaper. You read the articles and when it comes to the South African articles and the comments below them, consider what Johan Nel did, why he did it, then compare it to the treatment he received afterwards. I say this because when blacks do something, it is either swept under a carpet or softened by references to Apartheid and some nebulous trauma which the perpetrator might not have experienced in the first place by virtue of having been at most a pre-pubescent teen in 1994 or was born later. But just let a White man do something about HIS trauma, and he’s a monster…

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This last article about Johan Nel and what he did. It was found on the website of the British Daily Mail newspaper. The author rights and copyright belong to the website and article author. The article can be found at

The articles above are just a small sample from the case of Johan Nel, aka “the Skierlik monster”. From what I’ve seen, most of the other articles are in Afrikaans, while much of what was being said and done at the time does not appear to have been cached on the internet. As I remember this case, at the time much was made of the fact that John Nel is white and his four victims after a 114 or 121-round shooting rampage were black. Yeah, if he wanted to do it right, the guy should really have gone for some marksmanship lessons beforehand… However, almost nothing was said of the fact that blacks who kill whites are either not caught, or get smaller prison sentences when captured. Little was said, let alone done, about what I remember of Johan Nel’s assertions- that his family members and friends had been attacked over a long period of time, seven years by the looks of it, and that the South African police had made no progress in those cases, effectively allowing black perpetrators of crimes against White people to go unpunished. This case was big 10 or 11 years ago because of the racial aspect, but more so because the media have been actively helping the ANC-led black government of South Africa to demonise White people. Now see how and SAPS treated what for all intents and purposes was an attempted farm murder and robbery…

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Read the article carefully, folks. Ask yourselves these simple questions: is any mention of the victim’s race made? Is any mention made of the attackers’ race? How did the cops write up this incident? As “attempted murder and attempted robbery”, even though this took place on a smallholding in a rural area. “No arrests have been made.” and “… anyone with information should contact the police.” said a spokesman for the SAPS- yeah, that’s how fast cops move on cases like this, with the speed of the switched off light. Oh, they questioned two people sometime later, but is there any mention of arrests? Nope. Think about that for a second, dear readers. What happened next? Look below.

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Dear readers, I wanted to reproduce the articles here, word for word and picture for picture, but due to concerns about possible lawsuits for copyright infringement, decided it was safer to put up the links and direct you to read the articles on your own. However, another thing I ask you to do is to look at the last three paragraphs of the last article. AfriForum (probably the most prominent Afrikaner rights lobby group in South Africa) is fighting with the government in court to bring back police reservists to the area in which Naka Drotské was shot and a neighbour killed, while so far none of the perpetrators have been caught because the cops are doing NOTHING! The last thing is sad, but also the reality for whites living on farms and smallholdings- they feel unsafe, are unprotected by the government and when they’d had enough of the nightmare, they pack up and leave, never to return. But do you hear of the ANC-led government doing anything about it? NO! So the question is, what would you do if enough family members, neighbours and friends are subjected to this while the government does nothing besides try to turn you into the bad guy just because of your skin colour? Oh, this is bad, but the hypocrisy goes even further…

Have you ever heard of Penny Sparrow? Probably not, but she was big news in South Africa back in 2016. This octogenarian saw what was happening on a Durban beach and decided to air her opinion on Facebook. Then somebody drew the media’s attention to it, and the old lady had to go into hiding because she was getting death threats. So, what happened? She saw a sea of blacks on the beach. More than that, she saw the sea of garbage they left behind on the beach and knew the human health and environmental damage the mess posed. Why? As I understand it, this started in the 1980s, when beaches were reserved for White people. Some black or coloured guy got the idea to flood with blacks and coloureds one of the main beaches in Durban on Christmas Day. This act of defiance against the Apartheid government became institutionalised, but over the last decade or a little more, it has become impossible for white and White people to go to the beach with their families between the week before Christmas and New Year’s Day because of the huge number of blacks at almost every beach in the country, the drunkenness, violence, drownings and especially the crime they bring with them. This isn’t some knee-jerk anti-black racist assertion, it is the truth which can be verified by searching through the incident reports of private security companies and SAPS for the yearly period I’m referring to. I’ve actually been to the Durban beach where this all-blacks-to-the-beach-and-fuck-the-whites thing started, saw with my own eyes a couple of years later how the blacks flood everywhere (I haven’t been to Durban since December 1995 and do not intend to ever go there again) and to be honest, the last time I walked on any beach was at least a decade ago, unless I count the one time when I walked to a pier just to reconnect with the place I had left a couple of years earlier. It was a beautiful evening and the moon was utterly gigantic, the biggest I’ve ever seen, and that’s no exaggeration. I stood on the pier looking ahead at the wave tops which fluoresced in the darkness, breathed in the sea air and felt the salty and moist cool breeze. Then the blacks came… Five of them, three men and two women, singing at the tops of their voices, not giving a fuck about the only other man on that pier, who was trying to find some peace of mind after he’d nearly killed his own brother. I wanted to ask them to keep quiet or go somewhere else to sing, but I knew I was outnumbered, the pier was under constant video surveillance (not audio, due to the wind) and the loud fuckers would just turn it into a bullshit white man’s racist outburst when in fact they were the guilty party. So I ground my teeth, felt “my old colleague” under the shirt and imagined how easy it would be to put holes into all of the inconsiderate fuckers, though difficult if not impossible to avoid life in prison afterwards…

But what did Penny Sparrow do? She saw some monkeys (the actual animals- yes, Durban is riddled with wild baboons, I saw them myself in Umhlanga, which back in 1992 was the Beverly Hills of Durban) eat the garbage left behind by the blacks and decided to call the blacks just that- *******. The woman was charged with crimen injuria, the South African equivalent of slander, found guilty after a fairly quick trial and ordered to pay a shitload of money she and her family didn’t have. I don’t know if she’s still alive, but to the best of my knowledge this old lady has not come out of hiding since her utterances made national news. For a reasonably detailed description of what she said as well as what happened afterwards, I’d like to direct you, dear readers, to these articles:


More in-depth research may reveal a trove of articles written about Penny Sparrow and what she said, but my recollections of those days do not bring up any about the abysmal behaviour of black people which prompts whites to “lose their shit” as the modern expression goes, or how nothing is ever reported to have been done about the death threats white people receive.

What about Vicki Momberg? Does this name ring a bell? If not, go to What you will see is a video of the incident, where she shouts at the cops. What you probably won’t see is that before this video was filmed, Vicki Momberg had been the victim of a “smash and grab” attack by one or more black robbers who broke the window of her car while she stood in traffic and stole whatever they could reach. As it became apparent when the video was filmed, Vicki Momberg’s problem was the cops who responded were black males… Now, it is common sense not to use male cops to interrogate a female rape victim, but this is South Africa, one of the most ignorant countries on Earth when it comes to gender relations and victim psychology. A White woman who had just been robbed by black males is approached by black male members of the highly corrupt SAPS, whose members face thousands of charges of torture, rape, extortion and murder annually. She didn’t trust them, was in a highly unstable frame of mind after the attack and like many other victims of crime, felt a compulsion to lash out afterwards. So, she did what she did and said what she said. Not long after that, she was charged with crimen injuria, found guilty and sentenced to prison. As for her attackers, I never heard of them being caught. The media were full of this case too, and condemnation of all sorts came from everywhere, but never did I hear anything about the mental state of victims of violent crime just after an incident, the lack of understanding of how to limit or reduce trauma the SAPS show to this day (yes, some crack jokes to rape victims, asking whether they’d washed off seminal fluid and DNA evidence in a laughing manner), to say nothing of the scumbags who had robbed the woman in the first place. No, it was all about “an evil racist white woman” who was verbally abusing “the fine black policemen” who were trying to help her, and that was that…

Dear readers, have you heard of Adam Catzevalos? Again, a white South African citizen who made the news. What happened? He was on holiday in Greece at the time, spending time on a beach with his family. The guy took out his cellphone and filmed himself saying… Well, you’re going to have to go to for that, ’cause I don’t want to get sued merely for quoting what somebody else said. After all, this is a country where if you’re black you’re right, and if you’re white you’re fucked. What you need to understand is what happened within days of Adam Catzevalos’ utterances being publicised by the bloodthirsty South African media. Adam Catzevalos was told to return to South Africa to face charges (he refused, and is still in Greece by virtue of his dual citizenship), the lives of his relatives were threatened, his family fired him from the business, confiscated his shares and basically disowned him in public. Here’s what the Catzevalos family had to say: Within days, clients of the family-owned food supply business began to terminate their contracts, Catzevalos’ immediate relatives were facing death threats, the man’s wife was about to be fired from her job at Nike even though she’d done and said nothing, and a boycott of the business was in the works. Within a month, faced with serious threats and massive loss of business due to the adverse publicity, the business was shut down, all employees (a lot of them blacks) were laid off and to the best of my recollection, the entire family left South Africa. I wish I was kidding, but nope, this happened. Dear readers, please keep the above incidents in mind, then contrast them with what happens when blacks say or do worse to white people…

End of Part 3

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