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March 9th: ShieldWall Network: For Life and Liberty!

At noon on Saturday, March 9th, the ShieldWall Network Phalanx will be holding a “For Life and Liberty” rally at the Arkansas State Capitol building in Little Rock, Arkansas, parallel to the unaffiliated Highwaymen “Make Arkansas Great Again” rally with which we sympathize. There will be two issues we are taking a stand on: in opposition to abortion, and in support of the second amendment. 

There are two pending bills being considered by the state legislature of particular interest to us. One would restrict abortions in Arkansas if the overturning of Roe vs. Wade by the SCOTUS in the near future allows states to pass their own laws concerning the issue. 

Senate Bill 149 by Jason Rapert of Conway sponsored the legislation which is expected to pass and be signed into law by the governor, allowing Arkansas to join North and South Dakota and Mississippi and Louisiana with similar preemptive laws ready to take effect should Ruth Bader Ginsberg be replaced by a less liberal judge on the Supreme Court. 

On this issue, the ShieldWall Network is in support of the bill. 

The second bill is a Red Flag gun confiscation bill which could be used to target conservatives or politically incorrect persons for reporting by anyone who wishes to see them disarmed.  It’s legislated ‘swatting’.

Rep. Gred Leding and Sen. Will Bond are sponsors of the bill, supported by the governor, which would allow a citizen’s firearms to be seized by force without any criminal conviction or due process. 

On this issue, the ShieldWall Network is opposed to the bill. 

The right to bear arms is in the Constitution. The right to bury babies isn’t. 

Unlike Planned Parenthood clinics, people don’t get murdered at gun shows. 

According to the Centers For Disease Control, legal gun owners kill 800 people per year in the U.S, mainly in self defense. Abortionists kill over 800,000 babies per year, mainly healthy innocents. 

Therefore, Abortion is 1000 x more deadly than guns. 

All supporters of the second amendment and the sanctity of unborn life are invited to attend these peaceful rallies, which are expected to be opposed by a coalition of radical feminist and LGBTQP activists, including Antifa, who are in favor of disarming law abiding Americans and murdering pre-natal children.

Saturday, March 9th, at noon, at the Arkansas state capitol. If you love guns and babies, be there.

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  1. David Groepler

    Curious about that shield wall with the warriors and spears behind it. I’m wondering if those were the 300 at Thermopylae? Please correct.inform me since I’m new to your site. I am a white nationalist and proud of it! Glad you are too! There is a huge push by “the chosen” to stuff Blacks down our throats- in TV ads, most all sports, movies, movie sitcoms, etc. Note that golf only has one Black of any golfing substance (nothing else), Tiger (pussy chaser) Woods. He is lauded by the announcers every chance they get. Yet he has zero substance, is or has been a white blond woman trophy chaser. Too bad his ex wife didn’t crash in his skull with a 2 iron! Rarely a Black has any worth.

    • Admin

      Yes, the Spartan symbol is the origin of the ShieldWall Network symbol, as well.

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