Where There’s Life, There’s Hope

by Paul Jones

Pictured: Gerald L.K. Smith

What happens when one gets “red pilled?” What can be the possible consequences and how is the best way to react to these? In an earlier article, I wrote about how it’s an error to try to be a “lone wolf” or part of an isolated vanguard in these political times since it’s counter-productive. In this one, I want to see if I can show a possible positive way out of such consequences. The extreme case of not being able to handle the effects can be suicide, and we’ve seen that several times in recent years. The one which comes to mind is that of a participant in the Charlottesville protest in the summer of 2017. Andrew Dodson was doxed, lost his job and girlfriend and committed suicide. If what I write can help one person deal with the kind of extreme stress one can face, then it will have been well worth it.

If one comes to the realization that we’re in reality dealing with a totalitarian system, though disguised as such from the average American, then one reacts accordingly. What this means is that one needs to look at how other totalitarian systems worked and what happened to political dissidents. For example, for me one of the greatest dissident thinkers and activists in the Soviet Union was Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who among other books he wrote was “The Gulag Archipelago,” in which he describes what it was like to be in one of the many prisons for those who resisted the Soviet system.

For me, the key to understand what it takes to be a political dissident in the totalitarian system of the United States today is moral character, and Solzhenitsyn had that in spades. I am not sure of the entire belief system of the man, but I do know that he had to have had his moral bearings firmly fixed in order to deal with the kind of year after year persecution that he faced.

If we consider the United States and those who have in the past have suffered from the wrath of the totalitarianism of Z.O.G., basically set up completely following the defeat of N.S. Germany in W.W.II, the one who stands out for me is Gerald L.K. Smith. Before the war he had been involved with Charles Lindbergh in the America First efforts to prevent the U.S. from getting involved in that conflict, and after Pearl Harbor he became a dissident of the first order for the powers that be.

Even though after U.S. involvement he supported the war effort, all the stops were pulled to try and get him imprisoned on one false charge after another, but none was successful. When he emerged at the end of it, he spent the rest of his life with the Christian Nationalist Crusade and the publication of its newspaper, “The Cross and the Flag,” which hammered home the gut issue for the country, the Jewish Power Structure’s influence and control.  At first there were high profile rallies with Jewish pickets and protestors always on hand. But then in the early 1950’s the Jewish Establishment decided on the quarantine method to silence Smith. Slowly, but surely through the 1950’s and early 1960’s his followers became reduced, and by the end of his life in 1976, dying in a hospital bed in Los Angeles, California, he was largely a forgotten man.

This is where my life intersected his. I sent him a letter at the beginning of 1976 berating him for his Christian, Racial Right political views as being one of the causes of why I was going through a divorce at the time, due to my not only having bought into much of the ideology of Smith, but also having been influenced by George Lincoln Rockwell, David Duke, William Pierce and Adolf Hitler after having read his book, “Mein Kampf,” as well as writings of other National Socialist leaders of those times.

How had I wound up like this? In the 1960’s, while never having been a Hippie, I had fallen under the prevailing world view fostered on all the young people attending universities of a fairly high intellectual level as I did, U.C.L.A. As a result, I reacted in all the proper ways to whatever I came into contact with: When I watched the movie, “The Battle of the Bulge,” I felt thankful that the “evil Nazis” had been stopped there in eastern France in the winter of 1944-45. I listened approvingly to the song by the Pro-Communist folk singer, Woody Guthrie, with his lyrics about the defeat of Germany that goes “And that was about the greatest thing that man has ever done.” I didn’t see differences in racial groups as being significant, even though due to my Southern roots I had visited the town of Ocala in central Florida where I had spent part of my childhood and experienced what it was like to have been a white within the system of legal segregation in the late 1950’s and how relatively positive life was for all whites, regardless of social class background.

But the brainwashing process was complete after a few years of university courses and associating with Jewish intellectuals who seemed interesting to me due to their awareness of so many areas of human knowledge. I couldn’t see “the forest from the trees” and how it was all in reality a “Fahrenheit 451” situation, where while books and ideas of the past from Western Civilization were not literally burned, they were being replaced by a new Leftist consensus as to what was supposed to be the truth-and in the final analysis this new “truth” was all according to the best interest of the Jews, as Kevin MacDonald has so clearly brought out in his brilliant series, “The Culture of Critique.”

So when I got married in 1968 I was just your average, pretentious university graduate who thought he was wise beyond his years due to the Liberal Arts “education” I had received. I looked down on the supposedly uneducated country bumpkins who were sung about in the song, “I’m Glad to Be an Okie from Muskogee.”

But around 1972, I started to investigate another way of thinking about the world, the Racial Right, with all of the activists and thinkers I mentioned in an earlier paragraph. I realized that I now was seeing “the other side of the moon,” but unfortunately my wife of Christian Zionist background and none of the friends I had made during my university days could understand me. I started to feel alienated and unable to truly communicate ideas with my wife, in-laws or close friends.

So in early 1976, I felt horrible as I realized that it was now too late to save my marriage. I wrote that fairly angry letter to Gerald L.K. Smith, essentially blaming him for having helped cause the dire personal situation I was going through, with a divorce from the wife I still loved on the near horizon.

While I don’t still have the letter Smith wrote in reply to me a few weeks before his death in April of 1976, it basically restated the principles he believed in and how he felt justified by how he and his wife had tried to always live up to these. In essence, it said that a life not lived according to one’s highest principles is a life not worth living.

But still in my mind was the question, “Are principles and following the truth as I see it worth going through a divorce?” My eventual reaction to my personal tragedy was to remake my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a sort of political exile, where I spent the rest of the 20th century, remarried and raised a family.

Could I have done things differently if I had been true to my principles as Gerald L.K. Smith was throughout his life? If one were to follow principles as a moral absolute, then maybe I should have remained in the United States, where there were still men fighting Z.O.G. like William Pierce, David Duke and others who were unstoppable activists. Maybe it was cowardice on my part in the final analysis. I had pretty much determined that the ideas of the Racial Right were unfortunately ahead of the times in the latter decades of the 20th century, and I didn’t see my being able to join the struggle at that point as making any difference given such absolute, totalitarian control by Z.O.G. So I chose a different political environment to live my life in, an Argentina which had a strong tradition of Peronism, and what’s known as the Third Position, as brought out by the lyrics of one of the songs of that movement, “Ni Yanquis, ni Marxistas, Peronistas.” (Neither Yankees, nor Marxists, Peronists) I didn’t see that there was a way out of the situation the U.S. found itself in, so my die was cast about as far away from the U.S. as I could in South America.

When I did return to the U.S. in 2003 due to an extreme financial and political crisis in Argentina at that time, I still didn’t see things as having changed that much since when I had left in 1980. But a number of facts have recently come into play, especially as shown by the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election and the growing number of persons involved in the Racial Right, due in great part to the Internet. This and the increasing power and influence of the Radical Left and Anti-fa have caused me to realize that as Shakespeare put it in his play, “Julius Caesar, “There is a tide in the affairs of men…”, and I believe that despite some evidence to the contrary, that the “tide” has started to run in our favor since about 2016.

 So now let’s look at this present time again, and consider what it’s like to be a political dissident nowadays: Let’s imagine, as I’m sure is the case, that there are many others, young and not so young alike, who as in my case back in the early 1970’s have seen “the scales fall from their eyes” and “have seen the other side of the moon” as once I did. Let’s also imagine, as unfortunately is still the case, that one’s personal relationships are shot apart, possibly ending in a divorce. There are persons who can lose their jobs due to their changed political perception after having been doxed, jobs that may have been attained only after years of study at a university and at great personal sacrifice and hard work.

All I can say are three things: First, we’re “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Maybe in our strength it seems impossible to bear the present burden, but heroes in the past were able to do so. In my case, I’ve come full circle and am now a traditional, Racial Right Christian as all my Southern ancestors were, so for me Gerald L.K. Smith is the “giant” I now try to draw strength from. For those on the Racial Right who are of a different religious bent, there are other “giants” like William Pierce, who were tremendous in their strength of character as well.

Second, I know that this has often been said before, but I truly believe that victory is not far away if we can persevere, and the victory is going to allow us to avoid the disappearance of the European races of mankind from the face of the earth, something that is on its way to happening due to the plans and schemes of the Jewish Power Structure.

Third, I can’t for sure say what is best for anyone who is dealing with the consequences of being “red pilled” at present, but I would recommend seriously considering the philosophy of those of us in the Balk Right, who I believe have correctly assessed the direction the U.S. is going. If you’ve never given rural areas a chance, especially in areas of the South that still have high percentages of whites, I think you may find these the best places to relocate. There may need to be significant cultural adaptation and a big drop in salary, but cost of living is much lower than urban areas, especially cities like San Francisco and New York. If I were young now and were “red pilled,” I think I would likely not try to escape the U.S. as I did back in 1980 when I fled to Argentina, but try to put down roots in the rural South, which when the Balkanization finally takes place in the near future will be the best area in my opinion.

To sum things up, I hope and pray that there will be no more suicides due to a personal life falling apart because of one having absorbed the teachings of the Racial Right. I don’t know if what I’ve written will help, but if one life has been saved by this then it will have been worthwhile. Keep the faith, and always remember that where there’s life, there’s hope.

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  1. Billy, you stated that David Lane was an “American patriot” here:

    But of course David Lane was not only an “American patriot” but he advocated death to “United States”. So your review is somewhat deceitful.

    Here is what David had to say on the issue:

    He said: “When I am through, if you are still able to say the words “White American,” then leave the company of sane men, for you can no more be both White and American than you can stop the motion of the planets. The singular intent of America in all its facets is to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race. How can you be what destroys you? If you are not an implacable enemy of every facet of America listed above, then you are a traitor to the existence of our race. If you support the aims or the continued existence of the entity known as America, then your treason cannot be calculated in the words of mortals.”


    • Admin

      Hey Shane, and thank you for helping direct people to my websites through your links, which I’ve decided to approve the pingbacks to for that reason. Of course I don’t know how well you knew David, or how much you corresponded with him prior to his passing. But as someone who did, and who was entrusted with some of his ashes as a mark of that relationship, I defend my description of David Lane as being an American patriot because America is not the government in Washington DC, which David opposed, as do I, and as I give you the benefit of the doubt in assuming that you do, as well. America is its founding people, the Whites who created it, and of and for whom David was and is a hero and a patriot, and shall forever be. Of course, if you truly wished to “respond” to me for a positive book review I left for one of his books two year ago, you could have hit me up on Gab or vk or emailed me. But of course I understand that attaching my name in the title of a blog article on your wordpress site increases hits to it, and since I support your mission in general, I don’t mind helping out what is overall, in my view, a good cause. Best of luck to you in the future. -Billy

    • Admin

      Oh, and by the way, when the first 14 Word Press went out of business, we bought the last few boxes of D,D, and D from Katja and Steve, with David’s blessing.Now, since I’ve approved your comments to my site, let’s see if you’ll do the same where I left them, on yours.

      • Addressed here: https://14wpr.wordpress.com/2019/02/20/billy-roper-responds-to-labeling-david-lane-an-american-patriot/

        PS, thanks for allowing my comments.
        I don’t use Gab or VK. Probably should but I don’t.
        For some reason, I am kind of spooked out using VK due to all those Russian kids killing themselves including Rina Palenkova so I don’t get involved with it. Conversely, I don’t really use Instagram anymore either.

        I do use Facebook but am usually on some kind of ban.

        As for Gab, when I did use it a few times, it took forever to load so I don’t use it though it looks like Matt Heimbach is promoting the White Juche meme which to me is kind of stupid. I read some of the founding documents of it written by the North Korean leaders and I am apathetic as to what they do. I believe instead in the 88 Precepts.

        Plus, I already mass-emailed the AFA leaders about Bryan Wilton trying to call David Lane a “failure”. David Lane never failed at all. That’s why after 40 years Stephen McNallen is promoting a watered-down version of the 14 Words. That’s why after 40 years Stephen McNallen is promoting a form of Wotanism for the masses of people and telling people to climb mountains. (www.DavidLane1488.com/kdpreface.html)

        David Lane never failed. The original AFA failed. This present AFA is only successful because they have taken elements of Wotanism and the 14 Words. The Asatru Folk Assembly became explicitly Pro-White but started banning any mention of David Lane, links to David Lane’s writings or any mention of the 14 Words while promoting their own “Wotan Network” and their own “8 Words”. America is the murderer of our race and David Eden Lane spoke uncompromising truth. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

        Stephen McNallen pussy-footed around regarding the 14 Words for far too long: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/927865.Gods_of_the_Blood

        David said: WOTAN must cleanse the movement of “Johnny come lately’s” and the “Patriots for Profit” who come out of the woodwork. They appear after those who loved their people paid with their lives or imprisonment. Patriots are few and far between when tyranny is strong. As the tyrant falls, patriots abound. But their patriotism is suspect. Accept no revolutionary leader who has not paid his dues with longevity, determination, sacrifice, defiance, dedication to unvarnished truth and love of his people. The revolutionary knows that we cannot love our people without hating those who destroy us. All true emotion has opposite poles.

        It’s as if Stephen McNallen isn’t about carving out a White Ethnostate but just climbing mountains. I will give some benefit of the doubt but will accept no attacks against David Lane, The Order of the 14 Words by anybody in the Asatru Folk Assembly or elsewhere.

        Not to mention Ron McVan who was supposed to be David Lane’s “trusted kinsman”. He has done virtually nothing for David Lane since 2007. He shares none of his writings. He attacks David’s teachings regarding the flag of “United States” and while it is okay to have some fun and rock out to music (https://www.youtube.com/user/divineapollo/videos), he doesn’t appear to be acting in accordance with the 14 Words anymore, unfortunately. Talk about ethnostates, this guy could send out siren calls to facilitate a migration to the Northern Mountain States but he is too busy playing with his guitar. :/ (https://kinsland.wordpress.com/)

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