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If you like your babies alive and your guns under your own control, or would just like to come out and stand with fellow White Nationalists, there’s still time to make your plans and come to Little Rock, where the ShieldWall Network and our allies will be rallying at the state capitol at noon on Saturday, March 9th. Those vetted White Nationalists who attend the rally will receive invitations to the special George Lincoln Rockwell birthday party, buffet dinner, social, and swastika lighting following the event, at a secure and private location. At this time we anticipate having more people present at the capitol than the Rainbow Confederates and Antifa combined.

Leading up to the event, several new articles have bolstered interest and attendance, despite their obvious factual errors, including pieces by the SPLC, the Huffington Post, and Antifa, who have experienced a tearjerking schism of infighting against other Leftists over their plans for the rally, contributing to those plans being leaked and more of their activists being doxxed.

All White Nationalists, regardless of organizational affiliation, are invited to attend, and bring signs opposing abortion and Red Flag laws.

There’ll be no token Uncle Toms, cucks, or nigger lovers on OUR side. Just keeping it real. Knowhumsayin?

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