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Making Rockwell Proud

ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper engaged in constructive repartee with Antifa.

The Rainbow Confederate cuckservatives butthurt feelz status: dank. 

When The ShieldWall Network first arrived, Antifa (who had been monitored and photographed at Vino’s an hour before as they began to gather) attempted to block the White Nationalist preppers from coming up the sidewalk to the Arkansas state capitol. The Phalanx formed up and literally pushed their way through the Leftists physically, gently and courteously shoving them out of the way. The SWN then marched through them and took up a strategic position at the foot of the state capitol steps, between the CivNats and Commies, facing the Antifa.

The rest was anticlimactic…

There followed a two and a half hour feel-good celebration of love and unity punctuated by a lot of civil and polite dialogue between all three sides, and shared philosophical insights on deep intellectual topics. There were a couple of scuffles, but noone on the ShieldWall Network side was injured or arrested, which is how one always measures a victory.

The evening ended gloriously with a George Lincoln Rockwell birthday party complete with cross and swastika lighting after dinner. The buffet consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish, and all the sides, as well as a special custom made birthday cake for Commander Rockwell.

The three embedded photojournalists, one local, one national (Reuters) and one international (Stern), were allowed access to the entire day of activities, so more coverage will be forthcoming.

In terms of Operation Newton’s Cradle, a schism was created between Pantifa and other Arkansas leftists, culminating in more infighting and doxxing, both by the SWN and by themselves. And the radical flank effect was in full effect, with a couple of the most based Hiwaymen heading in the right direction.

Many thanks to those who attended what was the largest ShieldWall Network Phalanx public event so far, especially the several new members. One of them will be interviewed on the next episode of The Roper Report.

Should the Hiwaymen receive a participation trophy for trying?

The ShieldWall Network was spared the indignity of standing with Sister Laquisha and the other tokens by the grace of God. 

There are several more videos of the victory yesterday on this YT channel ran by Muddy Kenny, another cuckservative, but you get the picture. It’s worth a thousand words. We know that Commander Rockwell was grinning down on us from Heaven.

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