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Micah “Mr. Ed” Qualls Lee

And now it’s time to meet some of the degenerates who came to the Arkansas state capitol last Saturday to cheer for infanticide, even if she did try to wear a bandana as a mask most of the time, as a public service. Indeed, not only is making the public aware of her identity a public service, most of those present felt that her wearing a mask was, as well.

Micah Leann Peedin Qualls Lee, an affiliate of Central Arkansas Antifa, was fired from her waitress job at the Little Rock Airport in 2008 for holding up a Hillary sign where John McCain was flying in and could see it. She was a drama and speech teacher at Mills High School in Little Rock, part of the Pulaski County Special School District, in 2016, and ramrodded the school “Gay Straight Alliance”, but is no longer employed there, the school administration has confirmed. It’s a good thing she likes drama. But her preacher dad probably wouldn’t have approved of her protesting in favor of abortion at the state capitol, even if supporting LGBTQP and gay marriage and cradle-robbing the zoo is a different story. Micah shares commonalities with convicted domestic terrorists in her support of those who inspired the attack on pro-Family advocates whom she has publicly reviled, even after a fellow gay rights supporter shot and attempted to mass murder them in our nation’s capitol.

Micah is 39 years old, and married O’dell Lee in October, a 25 (yikes) year old albino negro human troll doll who was a Ouachita Baptist University wrestler, and the happy couple live in Benton where they co-coach their wrestling team at JA Fair. She is a Forensics and Communications teacher at Little Rock Hall High School. All of this information, and much more about her and her family is available freely to the public online and is therefore not private, and offered for informational purposes only. We publish their locations so that innocent citizens can know to try to avoid those areas, where mixed race and Antifa people often are. If every Antifa simply lived on a Martin Luther King Boulevard, we would already know that was a criminal ridden area and could avoid them, but alas too many of them live in suburban brick homes at the end of a bourgeoisie cul de sac with a two car garage and a wood-fenced back yard, like roaches sleeping under rose petals.

Her Youtube channel.

She tries to sing.

On the 30th, Micah will turn the big 4-0. We hope this early birthday present makes her happy. Help celebrate with some pictures of her friends and family and church.

That’s right. “Church”.

To borrow a line from the Huffington Post, we’re not doxxing Antifa, we’re just providing information. As a community service. For educational and entertainment purposes only. And we haven’t even started on Oklahoma, yet. But we will. Heck, we don’t even show up where they work, like HuffPo does. Yet. We do not commit, encourage, or condone any illegal activity against anyone, and disavow any such actions in word or deed.

When future employers do now-routine preliminary background checks via the internet, will this reference page show up for her? Time will tell. The best way for Antifa to not be doxxed by the ShieldWall Network is to remain homeless. Or to not publicly yell at the state capitol that white babies ought to be aborted. That would work, too.

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