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What Stage Are We At?

 by Paul Jones

I don’t know whether anyone else besides myself feels a little “black pilled” at this stage of events, but I have to admit that such is the case with me. What are some of the reasons for this and is there a way out of the situation?

First, the Republicans losing control of the House last November was pretty much of a surprise. I’d thought after the Kavanaugh hearings that showed the Democrats in such a bad light, along with the caravans of Third World refugees coming towards our borders, that enough white people would have woken up to the dangers of control of the House by Democrats-but it wasn’t meant to be, so why was this?

It apparently is due to the effectiveness of liberal brainwashing in the colleges and universities that has caused a majority, or near-majority of whites in the middle class who have gone through the  system to be willing to ignore reality and vote for Leftist white or non-white candidates. If whites come out of higher education completely deracinated and with a guilt complex for the supposed crimes of their ancestors, as most of them do, then it really is no surprise if they eventually “turn on their own kind” and vote for an anti-white agenda. This is apparently true for a high number of middle class whites in the South as well, since how could a white person in Georgia with a minimum level of self-respect vote for a candidate for Governor like Stacey Abrams, who is in favor of sand blasting the carvings of the Confederate heroes on Stone Mountain?

So while Trumpian, Republican candidates still did relatively well in small towns and rural areas of the U.S. which have a preponderance of working class whites who have not submitted themselves to the levels of extreme brainwashing which exists in colleges and universities where the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism holds sway, this wasn’t enough to compensate for the key races in the cities and suburbs, especially in the Northeast and West Coast.

Second, the effects of so much de-platforming and difficulty of accessing sites that propound Racial Right ideas in the years after Charlottesville have created a quarantine similar to that developed by Z.O.G. which was so successful in the pre-internet days. Admittedly there are still ways to reach a non-converted audience, but it has been made much more difficult. Also, how great an impact is really possible if one does reach college educated, middle class whites? Years of classes taught by professors to youngsters in their late teens and early twenties make it extremely difficult to “red pill” them because of the “armor” of political correctness they have put on so as to be able to resist any assault on their cherished notions of what is true and be able to absorb new ideas about inherited racial differences and how the Jewish Power Structure enforces the false beliefs of the Franz Boas School of Anthropology in an essentially “soft” totalitarian system.

Third, even if the Republicans had retained control of the House, are they not in the final analysis almost as worthless as the Democrats? This was brought out very clearly to me in the case of Rep. Steve King of Iowa with the stripping by the Republican leadership of his positions on House Committees, followed by a vote of censure by all the House which passed almost unanimously. All of this hullabaloo was the result of supposed quotes in a “hit piece” article in “The New York Times” in which Rep. King was accused of trying to justify White Nationalism, White Supremacy, and Western Civilization. According to King, who unfortunately did not record the interview, he had only asked “What is wrong with Western Civilization?”, and this did not include any references to White Nationalism or White Supremacy. Instead of taking King at his word, the Republican leadership reacted in a Pavlovian way and “dumped” on him, and then all the Republican Representatives followed this up by a censure resolution. So those, including myself, who had thought that perhaps Racial Right ideas were gradually working their way up to elected officials of the Republican Party had a rude awakening. All of a sudden the political system began to look like a total farce, not just a partial one.

Fourth, we now have a total crisis at the border which is really a “Camp of the Saints” scenario, with numbers of those in mostly immigrant families from the absolute lowest social classes of Latin America reaching unheard of totals of 76,000 per month, according to latest figures mentioned in an article in “The New York Times” of March 6th. They are overwhelming the Border Patrol agents when they voluntarily surrender themselves so as to begin the process of political asylum due to claims of violence in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and other similar ones, when in reality their goal is to move to a First World country like the United State where they can have a better economic situation. The family groups can’t be chucked back across the border again, as should be the case, but due to our extremely liberal laws they have to be put in temporary housing and eventually set loose into the U.S. until hearings of their claims take place months or even years later.

With all this in mind, where do we go from here for those of us who once had hopes that voting Republican could somehow change the system? While I’ll likely keep supporting the “lesser of two evils,” Republican Party candidates, the conclusion has to be that the only pragmatic solution to this total social and political mess is to “vote with the feet” and move into an area of the U.S. where it is most likely that a white ethno-state will eventually emerge when the economic conditions finally reach the breaking point and “all Hell breaks loose.”

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