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12 to 12 Part 5-4

Here’s the funny part. Well, it’s not funny, but you know what I mean. I was visiting a friend at his office yesterday. He had to pick up his child from school, so I stayed behind to look after the place. A few minutes later, the lights went out and stayed switched off for two and a half hours between 14:00 and 16:30. Yup, as of Thursday 14 March 2019, we’re back in “load shedding” mode. Eskom is again having problems with its power plants, so they hit us with what they call “Stage 1 load shedding”, in an attempt to cut 1000 megawatts of demand from the system so that it doesn’t collapse completely. By 22:00, when I was playing a computer game, we must’ve hit Stage 2 because the damned lights went out again and I had to light a couple of anti-Eskom devices (candles) in order to see the keyboard. While my first cup of coffee was brewing a few minutes ago, I fired up the computer and went online. confirmed my suspicions, so we’re on Stage 2 power cuts (2000 MW to be removed from demand) thanks to the crooked ANC and Eskom, along with the Affirmative Action “emerging contractors” who got to work on power stations because they were black, not competent. That’s not my assertion. It is a matter of fact stated by those who did quality control; they pointed out the countless instances of poor workmanship at Medupi and Kusile and that the work was done by small black contractors whose only claim to fame was the colour of their skin. Thank God I have a gas stove and my laptop’s battery is charged, just in case Eskom wants to send my neighbourhood back to the Stone Age in the next hour or two… I’m unemployed. To me, a power cut is just an inconvenience. The problem is the loss of productivity to the businesses around me and practically everyone else in this country who still has a job. Considering that South Africa’s economy only grew by 0.8% in 2018, the slightest knock is not good. In reality, the economy needs at least 6% growth annually, more like 9% given how few blacks use condoms, so you can see how bad things are and that Offspring’s song “Why don’t you get a job” was written for a more prosperous time when only the mentally handicapped and quadriplegics couldn’t get work.

Time has passed. I’ve been housesitting for my father and his girlfriend since yesterday. I visited the old lady, and again she mentioned how much she missed driving her car, shopping for herself, visiting friends and being able to walk on the beach. I know it’s just one person, but no matter how they spin it, the ANC and Eskom screwed up big time. has the “good news”. We had at least one two hour-long power cut yesterday and are at Stage 2 power cuts today, Saturday 16 March 2019. Over the last few weeks, analysts from at least one rating agency have been saying that Eskom is the biggest threat to South Africa right now because its high level of debt, which is at around R421 billion (about 30% of the government’s yearly budget), and has the potential to stall the already faltering economy. NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) approved last week a net 13.8% increase in the price of electricity. In reality, the increase will be higher for consumers because of Value-Added Tax and the municipalities’ own mark-ups. Bad though the news is, it gets worse. Apparently even if Eskom had gotten the increase it had asked for, the power utility’s income for the 2018 financial year would still have been R20 billion in the red. These guys have a product everybody needs and by law, a captive market of which they control 95%, yet they still managed to lose money. How much dumber can you get? Well, as it turns out, South Africa hasn’t hit the bottom in terms of stupidity.

In the middle of a years-long economic crisis, facing nearly catastrophic loss of investor confidence and yet another sovereign debt downgrade to junk bond status along with scary revelations about how deep and wide corruption goes in the public and private sectors, what do you think these idiots want to do next? To nationalise the Reserve Bank, South Africa’s equivalent of the Federal Reserve! President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on 7 March they intend to go ahead with this, despite telling people at Davos and other places that the Reserve Bank’s independence is sacrosanct. Why? I reckon that besides trying to prove what good communists they are before the elections, ANC are doing it in order to get access to cheaper money (by printing more, like Zimbabwe did) as well as to make it easier to steal and launder funds. We’re heading towards Zimbabwe II, and this is what people more knowledgeable than me have to say about it: Man, Ramaphosa reminds me too often of a reason why I respect La Cosa Nostra. While those guys are not paragons of virtue by any stretch of the imagination, they have a rule I like quite a lot- a made man doesn’t have to say anything, but if he does, whatever he says has to be the truth. There are places, circumstances and levels in society at which one must not lie, and as president of a country Cyril Ramaphosa should tell the truth, yet he does not. Last year, around the time when the “expropriation of land without compensation” bullshit was in full swing and the world was beginning to take notice of what was happening in South Africa after U.S. president Donald Trump instructed his Secretary of State to investigate farm murders and land grabs, Cyril “Squirrel” Ramaphosa was asked whether there was any truth to it. You know what he said live and in colour to an international audience when interviewed by Bloomberg at the United Nations? Check out There are no murders of white farmers? Ahem, search on Google or Youtube and you will find out otherwise. Hell, you can even take a look at the bullshit yearly crime statistics of the SAPS to see this is an outright lie. No land grabs in South Africa? Really? What do you call this, a fucking picnic?

South Africa is in trouble across social, political and economic fronts. In order to be solved, the problems of this country have to be acknowledged and dealt with honestly. Cyril Ramaphosa has shown himself to be anything but honest, and if I was a very wealthy foreign investor who believed him at Davos and then put billions of dollars in this country only to have my land confiscated and money stolen, I’d probably send to his house a bigger hit squad than all the Mexican drug cartels can muster. Folks, it is true South Africa is in desperate need of foreign investment, but given how the ANC is going ahead with legislation to nationalise white-owned farms and the Reserve Bank along with trying to force pension funds to invest more in government bonds (see ) -yes, this was just last week- I’d recommend you hold off on sinking your money in this blooming black hole because such an investment would be highly insecure.

In these difficult times, most of us ask ourselves and others what we would do if we won the lottery. I often tell people “One of the things I’d do is to put up a huge billboard on the side of the freeway about a kilometre outside Johannesburg International airport, which would read ‘Dear foreign tourists, thank you for coming to South Africa. In the interest of your family’s safety, please find the nearest exit, turn around and get the fuck out of here.’” Why? Because there are gangs which follow people from the airport and kidnap or rob them along the way. The cops know about these guys and try to catch them, but crime is like the Hydra- cut off one head and at least two more sprout. Here’s what happens: Yeah, South Africa is not a good place to visit or invest in right now. Then again, if we’re to be honest, it hasn’t been for years. The national elections are set to be held on 8 May 2019. Political parties are promising the moon and the stars, there is increasing instability (there were again a few assassinations in KwaZulu-Natal ahead of the ANC’s compilation of candidate lists) because of politicians’ desperation to secure votes and power at almost any cost. Be patient folks, give it at least a year before you do anything, otherwise you just might find yourself a victim in more ways than one.

End of Part 4.

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