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The ‘Hasten The Day’ trilogy

As the most widely read fictional novels by any living White Nationalist author, the Hasten The Day trilogy describes the breakup of the United States of America following an economic depression, secession, and civil war which turns racial.

Throughout ‘Hasten The Day’, ‘Waiting For The Sun’, and ‘Wasting The Dawn’, a group of characters with intersecting lives struggle to survive the collapse of multiculturalism as several successor ethnostates rise from the chaos to fill the vacuum of power.

If you are concerned by the growing polarization and division in America today, and wonder where it all might lead, this series may give you hope for our future.

Or, it may give you reason to dread it.

Available through Barnes & Noble online booksellers, or they may be ordered and picked up at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Hasten The Day

Waiting For The Sun

Wasting The Dawn

Also available in a single volume anthology, with all three novels in the series together, HERE. Readers can save $7.00 PLUS shipping costs by buying all three books together instead of separately.

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