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The Roper Report (TRR): Balk Right Roundtable Revisited

In this episode of The Roper Report (TRR) broadcast from a year ago, just a few months before Harold Covington’s death, the future of the United States was discussed in a civil debate which seems especially poignant in consideration of subsequent events. The leaders of The NorthWest Front, The League of the South, The ShieldWall Network, and New Albion accurately assess the polarization and division which has only deepened and widened since this conversation occurred. If you’ve not yet heard this historic discussion, you owe it to yourself to listen to the experts; and if you have heard it, it’s certainly worth revisiting in the aftermath of ChristChurch as we approach the 2020 election.

Harold Covington, Dr. Michael Hill, Billy Roper, Tom Kawczynski roundtable discussion of the coming civil war and balkanization of America :



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