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Pictured: Melanie Verwoerd and the future she wants for South Africa.

I wrote earlier that a gulf is slowly building between whites and blacks in South Africa. This is not happening by itself, there are a lot of people helping to build it. I know there are many who view the possibility of a civil war in South Africa with glee, and are actively pushing the people of this country towards it. Let me tell you something: Julius Malema of the EFF and Andile Mngxitama of the BLF (Black First Land First), along with the young and old idiots who bang on about “da revalooshun” have no idea what they’re talking about. If one looks at the revolutions and civil wars of the 20th century, more people died in a matter of days than the Apartheid government killed through torture and assassination in 30 years, which is believed to be about 3.000. I mean, take a look at the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Around 900.000 people butchered in three months. That’s an average of 10.000 people killed per day! Just about every soldier will tell you that no military plan remains intact after the first shot is fired. War, whether civil or between nations, is more unpredictable than a rabid tiger on PCP. In fact, it is almost impossible to control and very few people besides arms dealers profit from it. If they want a war, I think we will eventually have one. The thing is, the vast majority of South African whites are not ready for it, myself included, help is unlikely to come and the slaughter will be horrific. Quite frankly, I expect that 70% to 90% of the white population will be exterminated if the balloon goes up sometime in the next five years, and that’s close to 4.000.000 people. Malema and Mngxitama probably see themselves standing on some podium, shouting “Go forth my brothers and sisters, kill them all, cleanse this country of the mlungus!”. They don’t know what this means and how they’ll eventually have to be better at hiding than the current hide and seek champion Ayman al Zawahiri. If this is what a guy has to do for flying a few jets into buildings, just imagine what the South African survivors, their relatives and descendants are going to do to the black leadership after 4.000.000 whites are murdered…

The seeds for what’s coming were planted 22 years ago, when the South African constitution was written and then passed into law. Prior to that, politicians agreed that Apartheid and discrimination were bad ideas. Okay, if they say so, but what did they do next? On the one hand, they wrote in the constitution that discrimination on race, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and so on is wrong. On the other, they said such discrimination is okay if it’s “to redress the injustices of the past”. Ahem, how much sense does that make? You mean to tell me that it’s okay to discriminate on race and other grounds so long as you do it to white people, especially those who had nothing to do with Apartheid? How the fuck is it right to deny a job or deserved promotion to a 20 year-old white guy, and then wonder why there are so few whites in the army, when you just wrote that discrimination is wrong? I don’t know, but even the damned Constitutional Court (equivalent to the U.S. Supreme Court) agreed. The theory was that merit would be the main criterion for selection, but if for example a white and a black candidate had equal aptitude scores, then preference should be given to the black candidate. Well, that lasted all of five seconds, because ever since then, the various government departments and a lot of businesses promptly gave preference to blacks, coloureds and Asians whether they were as competent as the whites or as is still more common, not competent at all. There were some court cases, two of which were won by aggrieved whites that I know of, but on the whole we are awash in a dark sea of incompetence- and boy, oh boy, is it dark here… The government, courts and businesses didn’t stop there. White people were sidelined from the national decision making process, and their cries over the last 25 years have mostly gone unheard. When they are heard, what whites get in return are groundless accusations of racism and labels of “colonialist”, “settler”, “capitalist”, “land thief” and so on. Their voices are drowned in a flood of howls, people are becoming increasingly despondent and thanks to the destruction of most of the white people’s social, political and economic leadership, largely disunited and unable to fight back effectively. Still, some are trying, especially when marginalisation affects their pockets.

A lot of big companies have put together so-called BEE deals. In the beginning, from 1994 until 2008 or later, these Black Economic Empowerment deals involved a few select blacks getting shares for next to nothing or for free. This is how Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril Ramaphosa and Patrice Motsepe became wealthy, a series of deals and sales of shares which got progressively bigger, and which they had received in the first place because they were black, male and politically connected. The theory of BEE was pretty simple. The government gives seed capital to a few guys, they buy or are given shares by companies, start up businesses, hire people (black, of course) and thus trickle down economic benefits. However, the beneficiaries didn’t do that. BEE deals only benefited a few people and the majority of blacks were left looking at the sky for money that never fell down. By about 2008 or so, it became clear BEE wasn’t working, so the government came up with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, or B-BBEE. As it implies, the idea of this alphabet soup acronym was to expand the number of people who benefited, and they would do so from receipt of shares from white-owned companies. Some deals worked and blacks got a few bucks. Others didn’t, and that made many angry. Among the companies doing this was SASOL, the government-owned petroleum company. SASOL put together one of these share schemes. I can’t remember whether it worked or not, but last year they decided to put together another investment scheme. Just one problem- by then, white employees of SASOL had had enough of being kept out of share deals just because they were white. They stood up and together with trade union Solidarity, told the company that if they didn’t get in on the share deal, then they were going to strike. By the looks of it, SASOL didn’t take them seriously. Big mistake… The white workers went to court and surprisingly, the judge agreed with them. The workers were issued with a permit and went on strike. I haven’t heard anything after that so presumably, though unlikely, the white workers at SASOL could still be on strike. As far as I know, whites haven’t stood together like this in South Africa since white miners went on strike back in 1922. Okay, so that one didn’t end very well because hundreds were shot, then the survivors were marched back to work by soldiers with bayonets, but here’s the article:

The strike by white SASOL employees is in response to racial discrimination aimed at them. Such discrimination is not rare, believe me. Just a few months later, the private medical insurance group Discovery announced it had received the licence and was about to open a bank. Well, I guess they have more than enough money. Sense? Not so much, because their CEO also announced something else- the Discovery bank was going to give shares only to black depositors. Okay, but again whites are excluded, and chances are they make up the bulk of Discovery medical aid policies. Is that smart? Not from where I’m sitting. If I had a medical aid policy with Discovery, you could bet every dime you have that I would’ve cancelled it as soon as possible after the CEO had the gall to say that such blatant discrimination against white people “is a good thing to do”. I kid you not, that’s what he said. Here’s the link to this story: 

These B-BBEE deals and schemes have been happening for years, whether they work or not. At the end of the day, the clearest beneficiaries are usually the companies who benefit via their improved BEE score card. Yeah, from what I know, every business with more than 10 employees and R1.000.000 turnover per year is supposed to have a B-BBEE rating. This has created another industry, in which lawyers and accountants provide certification for companies’ scores based on how many blacks they have working for them, members of other racial minorities, women, cripples and God knows what else besides which B-BBEE companies they do business with and to how many “emerging contractors” they give work on big projects. I’m probably not quoting correctly, but I remember Richard Marcinko, the founder of Seal Team 6 used to say something like “you are paid for your results, not for your methods”. In a country whose government is led by a bunch of people who supposedly fought against racial discrimination, I can tell you from personal experience what we’ve got 25 years after Apartheid is discrimination of just about every kind, only this time it’s mostly aimed at white people. Worse, one of the effects of this discrimination has been the precipitous drop in government competence, which in turn has led to the entrenchment of corruption and the country’s descent into a debt-fuelled death spiral. The world and the majority of the South African electorate gave the ANC licence to run the country. What did they do? They’ve almost run it into the ground because they focused on methods and appearance instead of results. Do we have a black female “comraid”? Well, let’s put her in charge of South African Airways. We got a black male somewhere? Let’s put him in charge of intelligence. Never mind that these people are incompetent and/or crooked, they got the job by virtue of their race, gender and connection to the ANC and countless taxpayer-funded bailouts later, the results speak for themselves. I mean, what are you gonna think when the minister of science and technology (or agriculture, can’t quite remember) says “We need to investigate the causes of lightning” or the minister of defence, who said “… rebels are using large calibre machinery”? Do these characters sound educated? B-BBEE, Affirmative Action and Employment Equity don’t just discriminate against white people. In conjunction with government regulations and what have become accepted practices, these pieces of legislation aim to push white people out of every sphere of activity in South Africa. Worse, as “expropriation of land without compensation” and upcoming efforts to force pension funds and other financial institutions to buy more government debt instruments indicate, we’re also looking at the dispossession and impoverishment of decent, law abiding and productive people (yes, most pension policies belong to white people) whose only crimes seem to be that they are white and live in South Africa. As Eddie Murphy said in the movie Another 48 Hours, “This shit ain’t funny!”

No, this shit ain’t funny. But if you think this is as bad as it gets, you are about to be unpleasantly surprised again and again and again. Folks, it’s one thing to believe a lie when you can’t see the truth. Unfortunately, continuing to believe the lie even when evidence to the contrary is presented and worse, to actively support and propagate it, that’s something else. Quite frankly, I don’t know what to call it. Is it gullibility, complicity to treason or something else when a former journalist and a former ambassador continuously refuse to see that the ANC is a corrupt political party which has almost destroyed the country? What do you call it when Max du Preez and Melanie Verwoerd actively sing the praises of the ANC on and say Cyril Ramaphosa is the best hope for this country in light of the ANC’s track record of governance and Ramaphosa’s continued association with people such as Bheki Cele, Ace Magashule, Syiabonga Cwele and others who are known as politically suspect, compromised, corrupt and/or incompetent? What do you call it when these people trash groups like AfriForum for protecting the White and white people of this country against the attacks of the black government upon their culture, identity, language and when it comes to farm murders, even security? What can one call telling white people they should be ashamed of the colour of their skin and actively encourage them not to resist the ANC’s efforts to expropriate their land?

I am not personally acquainted with Max du Preez, but I know his work at the SABC program Special Assignment and much of what he’s done since. The man has done good work as a journalist, he exposed a lot of funky stuff the NP and ANC governments were doing and let me tell you, Special Assignment was my favourite Tuesday evening program. Back then, I saw him as a “no fear, no favour, no bullshit” kind of guy and regarded him as one of the most credible journalists in the country. While people only began to take notice of what was happening at SABC when the “SABC 8” story came out, I realised things were going badly way back in 1998 or 1999, when Max du Preez was forced to resign from Special Assignment because he refused to allow interference in how to air a story. That’s when I saw the SABC was being turned into a propaganda machine for the ANC and pretty much stopped watching, especially when Snuki Zikalala, then SABC’s head of news, declared there were no food shortages in Zimbabwe and the election which ZANU-PF had just blatantly stolen was “free and fair”, apparently without ever leaving his hotel. Years later, du Preez became a columnist for and knowing his reputation, I read his stuff right off the bat. It’s just as well that I did.

For all intents and purposes, Max du Preez was harmed by the ANC and their lackeys at SABC, yet here he is on, singing their praises. Why? I’m not sure, but two things make sense to me. First, he seems to be on the side of Ramaphosa’s faction, because for sure he was against Zuma and his cronies when they were in power, one time even writing about the existence of some highly classified dossiers on Zuma’s corruption or tax evasion sitting in a safe at the Treasury. Analysis of his writings leads me to believe he’s a dedicated ANC sympathiser who’s looking for anybody who will fight or at least say they are fighting against corruption in the party and government. du Preez appears to think Cyril Ramaphosa is the guy to do this, and he’s throwing whatever he has into efforts to help. This is problematic, considering that Ramaphosa was deputy president of South Africa for nine years, yet did nothing when Zuma was treating the country like a smashed piggy bank for himself and his friends, never mind that Ramaphosa has in his cabinet and high positions in the ANC a lot of people of seriously questionable character and track records. Furthermore, Max du Preez is actively encouraging people, but especially white people, to cooperate with Cyril Ramaphosa and has on at least one occasion attempted to frighten the electorate into voting for the ANC or else bad shit will happen. Here’s what he had to say, and these are just two articles in a long line of such things: and … Why would whites do that, when on the evening he was elected as president of the ANC, ol’ Squirrel committed his party to the expropriation of white-owned land? Why would they support an ANC president when he blatantly lies about farm murders and land invasions? Why would they support him when he intends to nationalise the Reserve Bank and is trying to get access to the pensions and investment funds of the people just so the ANC can steal even more? Shit man, we’re talking about the secure retirements of millions of people and R21 trillion here (equivalent to the government’s budget for the next 20 years), not R10! Why would the white people of South Africa support the president of a government which is actively undermining their rights and socio-economic position in this country?

This causes me to wonder if Max du Preez is an agent of influence for the ANC, and his victimisation at the SABC was part of the establishment of his credentials. This is not a new tactic. Intelligence services have done it many times before with false defectors. Take a guy, beat him up a few times, maybe even jail him for a while. Harass his family and friends, then allow him to escape, but in fact he’s working for his country’s intelligence service the whole time. The guy runs to another country, where he is given asylum. His story is checked out and on the surface there’s enough to back it up. Then he starts talking and nails his hosts with disinformation, which more often than not will be believed because the guy’s a “victim”… Blacks had inhumanely slaughtered a white sheep on Clifton beach in the last days of 2018, in response to a bullshit claim by the ANC secretary for the Western Cape that he had been victimised by white private security guards because of his race. That was indeed a bullshit story, but it is what blacks and others do to white people, they falsely accuse them of racism whenever the whites have the temerity to point out something the blacks won’t see or admit to have done wrong. In that case, all that happened was that there had been some criminal incidents on an adjoining beach and the security guards advised everyone, not just the blacks and coloureds, to leave the beach because the guards did not have sufficient numbers to protect everyone. Wouldn’t you know it, on the 2nd of January 2019, Max du Preez wrote a piece in which he excused some other black guy’s anti-white tactics, in effect trying to make it look like he’s ashamed of being white and encouraging others to do the same. Don’t believe me? Here’s the article: The Clifton beach incidents were actively quietened down by the South African media, but as they have done before, if these had been “racist whites” incidents, you can bet Julius Malema’s confiscated cabbage farm that they would’ve banged on it for at least a week. I’m not kidding about this, or exaggerating. Just look at coverage of the Penny Sparrow, Vicky Momberg and Adam Catzevalos cases, and you will see that I am right, there is indeed a clear imbalance between how the media treat what white people do and what the blacks do.

Melanie Verwoerd appears to be a much simpler case. By her own admission, she was ambassador to Ireland when Nelson Mandela was president, and an ANC member of parliament. Quite frankly, I had never heard of her until she started writing opinion pieces for I read her columns from the start, hoping to learn something new about the inner workings of the ANC. Instead, Melanie Verwoerd disappointed in many ways, for she is just a mouthpiece for ANC propaganda and psychological warfare. This woman has done and is still doing everything possible to portray the crooked and murderous ANC in a positive light, as well as praising Ramaphosa to the heavens as South Africa’s best hope for the future, or at least the next five or ten years depending on how many terms he wants to stand for. That’s nothing though, because she also tried to create manoeuvring room for Cyril Ramaphosa when he got caught rendering the public participation process on the land expropriation bill an utter joke with his pronouncement that it was going to happen no matter what anybody said. That pronouncement flew directly in the face of 60%-70% of those who spoke at those meetings, who were against the expropriation of land without compensation, never mind that Ramaphosa also infringed upon the South African parliament’s prerogative to consider laws without interference from the executive, which is a serious breach of the separation of powers along with checks and balances in the government. Not that parliamentarians were doing anything other than going through the motions because land expropriation is pretty much a done deal by virtue of the ANC’s majority in parliament, but even in the face of disaster the forms must be followed, and Ramaphosa along with the ANC haven’t really done that. It didn’t stop there. In the same vein, Verwoerd also urged white would-be victims of land theft not to resist having their land taken away from them! Just read the following articles: and , then and So I ask you, what does one call the things these people do and say?

End of Part 5.

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