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Post-Impeachment Predictions

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

As early as Monday, since the Democrats don’t have enough Republican cross-over votes on their side to call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, (a 50-50 split would probably see Chief Justice Roberts NOT casting the tie-breaking vote so as to avoid tromping the Judicial branch through partisan drama), a motion will be made to go ahead with a final vote.

Even if there are a couple of aisle-switchers, and there may actually be a few Democrats going right instead of Republicans going left, Trump will be acquitted. Furthermore, the solidifying of his evangelical and Judeo-Christian Zionist Civic Nationalist base by the impeachment effort guarantees his re-election in November. He may barely lose the popular vote, depending on how steady the economy remains over the summer, but he should win through the electoral college. Once that becomes clear in the general election campaign, he will have some coat-tails down ballot, too, and Republican Senators must be contemplating that likelihood now, before they vote on the impeachment. If it at all looked like Trump was going to lose in November to those who know a lot better about which way the fix is in than you or I do, they would be abandoning his ship like drowning rats. They’re not, and that’s all you need to know about what will happen this year.

The effect of Trump’s reelection will be that many on the far left will declare themselves done with electoral politics and say that the entire system is corrupt and racist, especially once Trump picks one or possibly two new less liberal Supreme Court justices to start his second term, replacing Ginsberg and maybe Thomas. He’ll continue to be a reckless, idiotic shabbos goy, but remember that this is politics, and perception is all that matters, not reality. The left will still hate him, no matter how hard he cucks in their direction as a lame duck with nothing to lose.

In fact, it may be that post-election angst will deepen and widen the political divide more, polarizing the left and right even further apart. If deep blue states don’t literally move to secede before 2024, the effect of the 2020 census and its resulting congressional redistricting to reflect demographic browning and population shifts will mean Texas and Florida probably going blue, making it virtually impossible for any candidate to the right of Adam Schiff to ever win the big chair again. The next Democratic administration may push through red flag laws and hate speech laws and other Draconian nightmares that will be enough to trigger the right just as much as the left will have been by this election. Never underestimate sheeple’s cowardice and apathetic disposition to suffer and become accustomed to forms of abuses and usurpations regardless of how invariably they pursue the same Object, however.

If the Biden and Warren campaigns burn out the last vestiges of quasi-capitalism and semi-populism within the Democratic party, sucking those dwindling non-identity politics inspired segments dry like the dessication of dying boomers this fall, expect to see the small ‘d’ democratic socialist wing of the donkies rise to dominance. Since Jenny from the block endorsed Bernie, and he will be too old to run in 2024 (trust me), that makes AOC the heir apparent…and in October, a month before the next POTUS election, she will be old enough to be electable, under the law. Imagine that scenario. Remember kids, you heard it here, first.

Those are some of the possible outcomes of the impeachment attempt, at least. It’s really all just political theater, but observing the artfully rendered veneer of machinations and feigned rivalries is instructive if nothing else in helping us learn how to communicate to the plebes in the language to which they have become attuned. When seedbed White ethnostares begin to coalesce territory regionally in the vacuum of abnegated power at higher levels, presenting meaningless choices to the bourgie will help them feel like the chicanery of democratic traditions have continued, even if for some of them those alternatives are limited to whether they would like a blindfold, or not.

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  1. The sheeple have brought all this about as much as the monsters have.

  2. Fr. John+

    “If you haven’t figured it out, what I’m getting at is that there’s a decent case for the argument that those of us who support the dissolution of the Empire ought not to be backing the least bad option, which is to say Broland Skrumpf, but rather we ought to consider backing the worst one. Bernie Sanders.”

    Think about it. If this Jew wins, our worries are over. NOW THERE WILL BE A GODLESS JEW TO BLAME, and all our concerns suddenly become ‘legitimate,’ instead of having the Deicides hide behind shabbas goyim White Men like Drumpf or Buttigeig. Every strategy that has been proposed, now centers in the godless Kike, and all he stands for….

    Just sayin’…..

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